Corporate Information

2024-04-18 16:11:26

The B Series Control Welcomes New Members


In September 2023, Yida Technology once again launched the B02 MECHATROLINK-III bus controller and the B05 handheld EtherCAT controller, enriching the family members of the B series controllers.

The release of the B02 controller significantly increases the number of interpolation axes on the MECHATROLINK-III bus per unit time. It also provides automatic reconnection technology for disconnection, eliminating the need to restart the controller when the connection sequence of the stations changes or the number of stations increases or decreases. Additionally, it features a user interface completely consistent with that of EtherCAT bus controllers. Users can seamlessly transition between using Yida Technology's B02 MECHATROLINK-III bus controller and using EtherCAT bus controllers, as system parameters and application development data are fully compatible without any modifications. This greatly improves the efficiency of application development and migration across different bus architectures to meet diverse customer needs.

The B05 handheld EtherCAT controller significantly enhances computing power. In mobile working environments, it not only performs simple axis control (such as robotic arms, desktop machining centers, etc.) but also integrates CAD/CAM and simulation functionalities. Its operability and functionality meet the standards of large controllers, breaking the limitations of past mobile controller applications with single functions and scenes, and low operating efficiency. It provides an excellent new solution for complex mobile controller application scenarios.


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